> Demos:    

> Here is a selection of demos and experiments.

> A short mix of Deeper.

> Just finished reading Murakami's 1Q84 trilogy, so the spirit of Aomame (the heroine) was all around when writing this one.

> Something more upbeat and less melancholic than the last two tracks! Vocals again by Vocaloid Athena. 

> Depeche Mode are a huge influence so here's the first of three tracks dedicated to them.

> After (maybe before) the late Demis Roussos, the next best thing out of Greece; Marsheaux. So here's a track dedicated to one of them.

> Before Kraftwerk there was Yes, pioneers in synth. RIP Chris.

> Our favourite album: A Secret Wish by Propaganda. 30 years on it still sounds great. Thanks Ralf et al.

> Here's the second of three tracks dedicated to Depeche Mode.

> Our first ever track; dedicated to Depeche Mode.