GJART creates electronic music that revives and modernises the great synth sounds of the 80’s.

Out now, the new album.

Thieves And Dreamers is a collection of synth-pop tracks and a couple of EDM surprises.

  1. Thieves And Dreamers (feat. Deggsy)

  2. Monumental And Statuesque (feat. Deggsy)

  3. Dark Days

  4. Generation X (feat. Deggsy)

  5. Fearless (feat. Deggsy)

  6. Passive Aggressive (feat. Deggsy)

  7. Like A Drug

  8. Restless (feat. Deggsy)

  9. Shine (feat. Deggsy)

  10. Contradiction (feat. Deggsy)

Click here to listen to it on Spotify and here for the lyrics.