GJART creates electronic music that revives and modernises the great synth sounds of the 80’s.

Coming soon, Stereotype.

The new single from GJART out 26 February.

Out now, Symphony.

"Whenever words don’t express my feelings my songs take over and make sense of them", so starts Symphony a synth-pop track with a killer chorus and a huge ending.

Out now, Thieves And Dreamers.

Thieves And Dreamers, GJART's third album, is a collection of synth-pop tracks and a couple of EDM surprises is out now. Click here to listen to it.

  1. Thieves And Dreamers (feat. Deggsy)

  2. Monumental And Statuesque (feat. Deggsy)

  3. Dark Days

  4. Generation X (feat. Deggsy)

  5. Fearless (feat. Deggsy)

  6. Passive Aggressive (feat. Deggsy)

  7. Like A Drug

  8. Restless (feat. Deggsy)

  9. Shine (feat. Deggsy)

  10. Contradiction (feat. Deggsy)